About Us

About GG’S Alpaca Farm LLC – How Our Company Got Started

We are three siblings who created GG’S Alpaca Farm LLC to share our passion for alpacas. Our first pet was a llama named Montana, who grew up to live a happy life on our farm. Glynis, Giancarlo and Stephen (GG'S) would spend hours chasing and training Montana in the pasture in our front yard.

Our Alpaca Discovery

One day, we saw a miniature version of our llama at a local fair. After seeing an alpaca that day, we were all ready to search to get one for us. We located an alpaca farm in Missouri and purchased three young males.

Home Education

Although our education started the traditional way in local schools, our mom explored home school as an educational option to keep me challenged. It allowed us to explore activities and hobbies while working towards a high school diploma, such as sports, filming, editing videos for YouTube, and hunting.


Our Journey

Our last addition to the Alpaca farm was Lyla Jane and Amelia. In June 2020, GG’S Alpaca Farm LLC was filed with the state of Kansas by Stephen, Giancarlo, and me. As we pursued our professional careers, we continued to research the alpaca wool industry and learned that the Incas knew it as the “Fur of the Gods.”

The Purpose

Being members of the Cherokee Tribe, we wanted to create an environmentally friendly company. We realized that alpaca clothing made a big difference in keeping us warm and dry compared to other materials.

Mission & Vision

The company’s vision is to bring a high-quality clothing line of alpaca wool from Peru to GG’S Alpaca Farm, LLC in the state of Kansas. Our mission is to educate our customers on why alpaca wool is the best natural fiber to create soft, durable garments.

About Us

Read on to know more about our company and us.

Glynis Castaneda

Glynis is 25 years old who graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in biology on the pre-medicine track from the University of Kansas. She is currently a second-year medical student, ambitious to become the best physician in the coming years. After being in three car accidents that almost killed her, she inspires other people to push through adversities to follow their dreams.

Giancarlo Lucilo Castaneda

Giancarlo is currently enrolled at Kansas Community College. His work experience includes editing, photography, film production, contracting, and farming. He has edited photos for Stephen’s YouTube channel, and he also has his own channel where he edits and uploads videos to practice his skills.

Stephen Lucilo Castaneda II

Stephen is the middle sibling in GG’s Alpaca Farm who has always had a passion for becoming an entrepreneur and owning a business. After high school, he attended Kansas Christian College and was on the presidential honor roll. With long hours of college classes and soccer training, he still made time to help people with their YouTube channels. Stephen is currently a founding member of the Good Good company, established in July 2020.